WA Early Career Scientist of the Year 2021: Dr Arman Siahvashi

August 17, 2021

Congratulations to our colleague, Forrest Foundation Fellow Dr Arman Siahvashi, announced as WA Early Career Scientist of the Year 2021.

Dr Arman Siahvashi from the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Western Australia and the Future Energy Export CRC has been named a finalist for the Woodside Early Career Scientist of the Year. Dr Siahvashi is undertaking world-class research and developing cutting-edge technologies to reduce the costs and eliminate the safety hazards associated with clean energy production such as liquid hydrogen. He has developed a multi-award-winning apparatus to accurately measure the freezing temperatures of trace impurities at extreme cryogenic temperatures and high pressures. His research has led to collaborations with scientists at NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory on liquid hydrogen as a rocket fuel and also dissolution geology of Saturn’s moon, Titan.

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