ThermoFAST is a thermodynamic property calculator

It is used for natural gas, LNG, ammonia and hydrogen with the ability to perform vapour-liquid-solid equilibrium calculations.

It is available as a standalone desktop application and as a web application, ThermoFAST Web.

ThermoFAST was developed in the Fluid Science & Resources group at the University of Western Australia (UWA), funded initially through the ARC Training Centre for LNG Futures and subsequently through the Future Energy Exports Cooperative Research Centre.

Individual members of the GPA Midstream Association Research Committee provided input during the development of ThermoFAST in the form of testing and suggestions for the user interface.

To install ThermoFAST

Download the zip file from the link below, and extract it anywhere on your hard drive. Once extracted simply double click on the ThermoFAST icon to begin using the tool. Because it’s an .exe file you may need administrator privileges.

Feedback, questions, and bug reports can be directed to the following developers:

Peter Falloon:
Eric May: