Market and Sector Development (cross-cutting)

To increase the resilience of Australia’s current LNG industry and to deliver market-readiness for a future hydrogen export industry, this research program will focus on the factors that drive market growth as well as the barriers that can stifle the development of supply chains and inhibit technology adoption. Market development opportunities exist for increased use of LNG as a transport fuel or diesel replacement both domestically (mining sector) and internationally (shipping). These same markets could also be serviced by hydrogen fuel if appropriate cost-effective storage technologies can be demonstrated. Best-practice hydrogen custody transfer standards and reporting networks must also be developed to satisfy the demand for verifiable green hydrogen. Policy frameworks for value chain market formation must be developed systematically, with appropriate emphasis on the business capabilities that allow new technologies to be adopted and distributed through the sector.  Finally, it is essential that both the LNG and Hydrogen export industries establish, maintain and nurture the appropriate social licenses; to incorporate the lessons from and replicate the benefits of LNG exports on Australia’s domestic energy sector, a critical evaluation of the similarities and differences applicable to hydrogen is essential.

FEnEx CRC Commonwealth Milestones for Program 4

20.RP4.0041 Developing a Digital Competencies Framework for the Australian Energy Industry

21.RP4.0052 The Net Zero Australia Project

21.RP4.0104 Using big data and strategic communication to support the hydrogen industry’s evolution in Australia

22.RP4.0126 A technical, economic and environmental assessment of clean marine fuel options and industries for Australia

23.RP4.0160 Supporting the Australian director community’s pathway to Net Zero by 2050