Hydrogen Export and Value Chains (core)

Decarbonisation by energy importers presents an opportunity for Australia to leverage the know-how, capability, infrastructure and supply chains of our existing LNG industry, and build on our world-class renewable energy resources to establish a global leading position in the nascent Hydrogen Export industry.

Much like the efforts that supported the LNG Export industry four decades ago, development of the Hydrogen export industry will require Export-class infrastructure systems, operations and procedures to be defined over the next decade.

This is the core mission of Program 2 Hydrogen Export, which will focus on addressing the following research challenges:

  • Processing and delivery methods for cost-effective large-scale Hydrogen Export
  • Target Export markets, including key applications and requirements
  • Supply chain architecture, design and operations
  • Export-class systems and technologies for hydrogen production, storage and delivery
  • Mapping future world-scale hydrogen export regions

The supply chain architecture component will balance Hydrogen Exports with domestic requirements, and the opportunity to integrate national electricity and natural gas networks, for increased reliability, energy security, affordability and decarbonisation.

FEnEx CRC Commonwealth Milestones for Program 2


21.RP2.0059 Fluidised-bed combustion of ammonia (NH3) for stationary combined heat and power generation

21.RP2.0060 Direct ammonia reduction of iron ore

21.RP2.0061 Fully DC Microgrid for Green Hydrogen Production

21.RP2.0062 Hydrogen 4:0 Design and Development of Cyber-Physical Systems for an Interoperable Renewable Hydrogen Plant

21.RP2.0065 Paths to a sustainable hydrogen supply

21.RP2.0085 Bridging blue and green hydrogen 

21.RP2.0091 Enabling large-scale hydrogen underground storage in porous media 

21.RP2.0093 Thermophysical properties of hydrogen enriched natural gas 

21.RP2.0094 Green hydrogen for road transport in Western Australia 

22.RP2.0125 Simulation and testing of cryogenic ortho-para conversion in hydrogen liquefaction processes