Options for Closed Carbon Cycles and Methane Reforming with CCS

This report is the deliverable for Milestone 2.4.1 of the FEnEx CRC’s Commonwealth Grant Agreement.  The following techno-economic review reports on the current state of play with respect to the use of three existing and emerging blue hydrogen production technologies: Pyrolysis, steam methane reforming (SMR) and auto thermal reforming (ATR). The economic viability of these technologies for large scale hydrogen production are all detailed. Current and emerging industrial options for solid carbon and CO2 utilization are outlined including the use of the Sabatier process for value added synthetic carbon fuels (methane production). Different closed (low emission) carbon cycle scenarios are considered; all of these scenarios are based on LNG Export followed by domestic blue hydrogen production. The report concludes with comparison with other hydrogen export pathways, namely liquid hydrogen and ammonia, and some discussion of future outlook and a consideration of development needs in this subject area.


Dr Saif Al Ghafri, FEnEx CRC Foundation Fellow & the University of Western Australia

Dr Mauricio Di Lorenzo, FEnEx CRC Foundation Fellow & Curtin University

Prof Craig Buckley, Curtin University & FEnEx CRC Program 2 Leader

Prof Eric May, FEnEx CRC CEO & The University of Western Australia

Prof Michael Johns, The University of Western Australia & FEnEx CRC Research Director

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