Mapping of Key Stakeholders in Hydrogen & LNG Supply Chains

This report is the deliverable for Milestone 4.2.1 of the FEnEx CRC’s Commonwealth Grant Agreement. As global markets shift towards low or zero emissions energy sources, Australia’s position as one of the world’s largest energy exporters faces a significant period of change. Hydrogen has been identified as a prime opportunity for Australia to continue its position as an energy superpower and the energy source has subsequently become the subject of many government and industry working groups and reports. However, as with any nascent industry, there are considerable challenges to overcome for a hydrogen export industry to be developed at scale. The complexity of creating a new hydrogen export industry for Australia has presented opportunities to leverage learnings from the existing LNG sector and highlights the need for industry‐engaged research to examine and test different solutions that can support both industry’s growth and future sustainability.

This report synthesises existing documents and practices, and adds new primary evidence to consolidate the key barriers and drivers across macro‐environmental categories in Australia’s existing LNG and emerging hydrogen export industries. An analysis of how the barriers and drivers identified are likely to impact the key stakeholder groups in each industry’s supply chains is presented, which highlights areas of congruence and key gaps. This analysis can guide ongoing and new areas of collaborative research to enable dual LNG and hydrogen energy export markets. To support the future research needed, an additional file has been attached to this report which identifies a selection of specific organisations under each stakeholder group in the LNG, blue and green hydrogen supply chains.


Dr Ellen Tyquin, FEnEx CRC Foundation Fellow & Queensland University of Technology

Prof Cameron Newton, Queensland University of Technology & FEnEx CRC Program 4 Co-Lead

A/Prof Amisha Mehta, Queensland University of Technology & FEnEx CRC Program 4 Co-Lead

Ms Alison Brodie, Queensland University of Technology

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