Industrial decarbonisation via CCS: Current status and recent advances

A workshop was held at the University of Western Australia on 13 March 2023 to discuss global industrial experience and challenges of decarbonisation through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). The workshop, hosted by the Future Energy Exports CRC, brought together 18 speakers, including government authorities, world leading CCS research, industry and regulation experts, and over 100 domestic and international attendees. In his opening speech, WA’s Deputy Premier, Hon. Roger Cook, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to reach net zero by 2050 and highlighted the role of CCS projects in achieving the resources industry decarbonisation targets, with the support of strong regulatory and administrative frameworks.

The objectives of the workshop included understanding the status of CCS technologies, polices and social license both in Australia and globally, learning from world-leading CCS experts about international approaches, challenges and opportunities, and brainstorming pathways that overcome challenges to CCS such as commonly held myths, regulatory constraints and technology risk. The workshop was structured with scene setting presentations given in the morning, talks on CCS technology and Australian projects held before lunch, presentations on the state of regulations and legislation as well as social license considerations delivered after lunch, with talks on international approaches and experience concluding the presentation sessions. The workshop wrap-up addressed current gaps and developed recommendations to achieve further government and public support for CCS in Australia.

In addition to summaries of the presentations, this report presents nine conclusions and then nine recommendations distilled from the workshop discussions.

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