Theme 2 PhD Projects – Hydrogen Export and Value Chains

Project TitleResearcher
Sodium boro-hydride for solid-state green hydrogen export and chemical precursor for Conversion of carbon dioxide to fuelBithiah Esabunor-Nukie
Gas Encapsulation within porous vesselJia Ming Goh
Design Simulation and Prototyping of Small-Scale Microgrid for Green Hydrogen ProductionNghia Nguyen
Thermochemical battery using metal carbonates for energy storageLucie Desage
Liquid hydrogen boil-off during pipeline transfer and storageBenham Nasrollahzadeh
Analysis of Physicochemical Processes for Low Levelised Cost of Renewable H2Navin Bhardwaj
Development of zeolite and MOF based chemoresistive devices for gas sensing applicationsThilini Kankanamge
Improving the Hydrogen Storage Devices for E-MobilitySetareh Elyasi
Liquid hydrogen reactor design - conversion of ortho- para- hydrogenBruno da Silva Falcao
Eliminating hydrogen back-diffusion in electrochemical hydrogen transportNgo Ming Phuoc
Converting carbon dioxide into fuels for large scale productionPraveen Selvakumar
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