Theme 1 PhD Projects – Efficient LNG Value Chains

Project TitleResearcher
Utilisation of cold energy and recovery of higher hydrocarbons during LNG regasification: process synthesis, analysis and optimisationShinghon (Shane) Wong
Understanding and Predicting Boil-Off from Cryogenic LiquidsVincent Jusko
Measuring Thermophysical Properties of Industrially Important Fluids Using Microwave ResonatorsLiam Tenardi
Application of Trapdoor Zeolites for Separation of Helium from Natural GasParia Sadeghi
Development of zeolite-based adsorbents & processes for natural gas purification Libin Liu
Advanced Modelling for Solid Phase Equilibria in Complex Hydrocarbon SystemsDavid Zhu
Solid formation kinetics in energy production and cryogenic liquefaction processesMark Barwood


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