Using big data and strategic communication to support the hydrogen industry’s evolution in Australia (21.RP4.0104)

Hydrogen has been identified as an essential component of Australia’s energy future, with the potential to significantly reduce emissions, create Australian jobs, and build a valuable export industry. The National Hydrogen Strategy (NHS) identifies a collaborative roadmap for regulation, export, and safety, which form part of the hydrogen energy narrative. However, within this context, there are counter arguments and concerns from multiple stakeholders that present an opportunity for investigation. This project addresses, with academic rigour, a national priority for continuous community learning and engagement alongside State Government narratives as the hydrogen industry evolves.

Strategic communication to support Australia’s transition to a hydrogen economy and the many steps on this journey, is needed to achieve a sustained social license, build, and assure trust, and avoid misinformation. This project intersects research methodologies to create an evidence base for strategic communication to navigate ongoing challenges and opportunities around hydrogen industry’s evolution in Australia.

Partners: Victorian Government Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Queensland University of Technology

Project Researchers: Dr Ellen Tyquin, Dr Richi Nayak, Professor Clinton Weeks, Professor Amisha Mehta, Professor Cameron Newton

Duration: 12 months

Report: Public Acceptance of Hydrogen Summary Report November 2022

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