Program 3: Open Specification for Analytics Interoperability (20.RP3.0048)

Accelerating change in the energy sector is causing many companies to invest heavily in advanced analytical capabilities as a way of leveraging digital disruption to remain competitive. However, a lack of sophisticated interoperability between these technologies means companies are facing significant challenges including vendor lock-in, organisational silos, and management of change; all while being required to maintain a secure, safe, and reliable operation of a high-criticality infrastructure portfolio. This project aims to address these challenges by formulating and piloting an open specification for interoperable analytics.

Several high-priority use cases for analytics interoperability will be identified in collaboration with the industry. These will be used to select an appropriate set of existing software practices & standards for analytics interoperability as the basis for the open specification. Three case studies will develop and deploy pilot implementations of the specification on a running plant. It is expected that this will result in a proven and referenceable value proposition to engage a wider industry audience for further development and adoption of the open specification.

Partners: The University of South Australia, Asset Institute, MIMOSA, Queensland University of Technology, QLD Government Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

Duration: 3 years

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