Project Announcement: Hydrogen 4.0: Design and Development of Cyber-Physical Systems for an Interoperable Renewable Hydrogen Plant

January 18, 2022

Hydrogen is expected to be the energy of the future. However, like all large integrated systems there are complex challenges utilising hydrogen production plants. This project aims to explore and find solutions to these using advanced innovative technologies, smart sensing, analytics, and actuation techniques to improve the efficiency of production and safety, as well as effective monitoring and compliance of standards and regulations in several manufacturing sectors. Renewable hydrogen plants have the potential to gain operational and safety advantage. Other advantages include real‐time monitoring and maintenance of people and plant safety, and finally real‐time and accurate compliance assurance of standards, regulations and provenance of hydrogen from the plants. Hydrogen 4.0 platform discussed in this project will investigate the cyber‐physical systems of the QUT mini‐Redlands, a lab‐scale plant currently implemented at QUT, and SUT hydrogen plant, a lab‐scale plant similar to the QUT mini‐Redlands that will be designed and developed as one of the main contributions of this project.

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