Project Announcement: Digital Twin Feasibility Study

April 21, 2021

Digital Twin Feasibility Study:

Working with Enterprise Transformation Partners, UWA and Curtin University, this consortium will be exploring flexible, low-cost software solutions for digital twins that permit the accurate simulation of operational behaviour throughout LNG and hydrogen plants. The impact of identifying such flexible low-cost solutions includes the attainment of several efficiencies including real-time optimisation to minimise power consumption and demonstrate self-tuning process control systems. To enable this project, the FEnEx CRC Futures Facility plant and its detailed physical design will be used to provide the basis of an accurate simulation.

Supporting digital transformation is an essential thread through the FEnEx CRC Program Three. Digital twins support the transition from asset design to operations with ease. In particular, digital twins support operators with their decision making, consolidated business processes, increase information security and remove barriers to innovation as the simulated environment is based on real-time information that organisations can use to explore new possibilities and limitations of improved and new ideas.

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