Project Announcement: Avoiding and remediating heavy hydrocarbon freeze-out in liquefied natural gas production

May 6, 2022

Despite the ubiquity of heavy hydrocarbons in natural gas process streams, there are few studies of freeze-out in industrial natural gas mixtures that contain multiple heavy hydrocarbon species. This leads to uncertainties around the optimal methods for blockage avoidance and remediation. This project will generate new freeze-out and melting data for heavy hydrocarbons in industrial gas samples using state-of-the-art measurement technologiesRemediation methods using defrosting and/ solvent injection will also be performance tested at industrial pressures and temperatures. The data will subsequently be used to further test UWA-developed software that is currently in use by the LNG industry. The results from this project will inform LNG operations and provide an industrial testing ground for unique measurement and simulation technologies that will continue to support an efficient LNG industry both in Australia and globally. 

See here for more project information.

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