Susie Smith

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Independent Director

Elected to the FEnEx CRC Board in 2020, Susie brings executive and board experience in corporate strategy, public affairs, and sustainability. Previously Susie was a Director with the highly successful CRC CARE. She is passionate about science and its role in healthy, vibrant economies.

Susie is the Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network – a leading forum for discussion on key climate change issues, providing information and analysis in considering national and international policy and the role industry can play in the transition to net zero emissions by 2050.

She is a highly regarded climate change and sustainability policy specialist contributing nationally and internationally. Susie is a member of the Climate Change Authority – the independent statutory body providing expert advice to the Australian Government on climate change policy.

Susie was a member of the Australian expert panel examining additional sources of low-cost abatement (King Review, 2020), the IGU’s group of experts on methane emissions, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change taskforce meeting on fugitive emissions, and the Global Reporting Initiative sustainability reporting guidelines for industry.

She has a background in elite sports and is also a board member of the South Australia Cricket Association and Water Polo Australia.

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