Professor Cameron Newton


Program 4 Co-Lead (QUT)

Cameron Newton commenced his professional life in the finance services sector where he held various management positions following completion of a Bachelor of Commerce in 1991. He worked in the fields of finance and consultancy for 9 years before completing his PhD in Organisational Psychology. He has extensive experience in industry-related applied research and advice across a broad range of industries and sectors resulting in an understanding and ability to find a common ground for collaborations that yield benefits for organisations, researchers, and students. He has built his academic career on developing research links with industry with a view to helping them respond to an increasingly disrupted and changing environment.

His research and collaborative work focuses around his specialisations in organisational climate and culture and developing strategic interventions to enable effectiveness and the ability to adapt to different internal and external conditions. Throughout his academic career he has led projects with industry, government, ARC Linkage Grants, CRC projects, and philanthropic grants and contracts  totalling over $5M. Cameron has assumed and held leadership positions in many different organisational contexts. Currently, he is the Head of School of the School of Management at QUT and a Chief Investigator for the Centre for METS Business Innovation.

He was also the founding director of the People and Performance Research Group and the Domain Lead for Innovation Culture for the Institute for Future Environments at QUT. He has published many academic publications including 5 scholarly book chapters, 38 refereed journal articles, 30 refereed conference papers and over 800 industry reports.