Gerry Swiegers

Gerry Swiegers Photograph

A High-Performance Electrolysis Cell Promises More Cost Competitive Renewable Hydrogen


Gerhard (Gerry) F. Swiegers is a Professor at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He leads an active research program focusing on electrochemical catalysis and the production of hydrogen from water using renewable electricity. He also works in the fields of electrocatalytic process engineering and industrial electrochemistry. He has founded 7 spin-off companies and commercially licensed 3 new technologies in the last 20 years. His inventions have found use in the pharmaceutical, apparel, casino chip, agricultural, automobile, energy and other industries. Most recently he co-developed a new type of electrochemical cell for water electrolysis, termed a ‘capillary-fed’ cell, with PhD students Aaron Hodges and Anh Linh Hoang. This technology forms the basis of the new company Hysata Pty Ltd. Gerry is concurrently the Chief Technical Officer of Hysata. Hysata is supported by investments by several venture capital firms.