Matt Selway



Matt Selway is a Research Fellow in the Industrial AI Research Centre at the University of South Australia and lead of the Australian OIIE Interoperability Laboratory. Matt is a Computer Scientist and Software Engineer who specialises in finding the right-level of abstraction to model complex, real-world problems and implement solutions. His research has addressed knowledge capture and linking for Domain Specific (Technical) Language Understanding, process modelling, and data integration and interoperability. In addition, Matt has explored software system architectures for enabling digital ecosystems.

Over the last 5 years, Matt has contributed to interoperability and digital transformation projects in the Oil & Gas industry, working with diverse partners such as Advisian, BP, PdMA, and Yokogawa Electric. These projects have investigated standards-based interoperability in Industry 4.0 and Digital Twins using models for Asset Lifecycle Management as the means of federating disparate information sources in industrial systems via mappings between standards. His work has spanned different areas for the construction and maintenance of Digital Twins, including the representation and exchange of engineering requirements, equipment and product model information, Condition-based Maintenance data, and asset installation work.

The investigation of standards-based interoperability for industry has led to Matt’s involvement in industry specifications and standards development. In this capacity, Matt has facilitated several working groups: eliciting requirements from industry experts, subsequently developing specifications and standards, and prototyping technical aspects in software. Matt is currently a member of the Australian mirror committee for ISO/TC 184 “Automation systems and integration”, which helps give Australia a voice in current and emerging standards for industrial Digital Twins.