Damian Dwyer

Damian Dwyer

The role of low emission technology in a cleaner energy future

Low Emission Technology Australia 

Damian is Director – Policy and International Relations at Low Emission Technology Australian
(LETA). LETA are investors in technologies critical to reducing carbon emissions from industry
and meeting our international climate commitments. LETA works with like-minded organisations
towards reducing industrial emissions and heading to a net-zero emissions future. He has been
with LETA since March 2023.

Prior to joining LETA, Damian was Deputy Chief Executive with the Australian Petroleum
Production & Exploration Association (APPEA); he was with APPEA from February 2006-January
2023. During his time with APPEA, Damian headed a policy team with key responsibilities
including a range of economic and trade issues within the upstream oil and gas industry,
including climate change, energy policy, exploration, fiscal and international trade issues.
Damian commenced his career as an economist in the Australian Public Service and positions
within various agencies, including the Productivity Commission. He spent seven years at the
Minerals Council of Australia, with a focus on tax policy, climate policy and a range of economic
policy issues.

Damian has a Bachelor of Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Public Economic Policy from
the Australian National University, where he won the Prize in Public Economic Policy in 1996. He
is a non-Executive Director of the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN) and a member
of the Economic Society of Australia (ESA).