FEnEx CRC 3MT Competition Hall of Fame

The FEnEx CRC three-minute thesis (3MT) Competition has become a cornerstone of the FEnEx CRC Annual Conference, highly valued by PhD students and loved by the audience. Developed by The University of Queensland, the competition helps PhD students practice effectively sharing their research and communicating their ideas and findings to both the broader community and non-specialist audiences.

Meet all previous winners and finalists below.

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2024 WINNER: Guinevere Sellner

Overcoming the Challenges of Hydrogen Liquefaction

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2023 JOINT-WINNER: Catherine Sampson

What's the Risk? Understanding Solid Formation in Cryogenic Processes

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2023 JOINT-WINNER: Sam Kobeissi

Underground Hydrogen Storage: Measuring the dispersion coefficient between hydrogen and cushion gas mixtures


2022 Winner: Lucie Desage

Thermochemical batteries: heat to power