Liam Tenardi visits the Technical University of Chemnitz

August 5, 2022

We recently asked Liam Tenardi, FEnEx CRC PhD scholar to tell us about his recent visit to one of our partner organisations Technische Universität Chemnitz.

“My first international conference was a great experience. I attended the 32nd European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics in Graz, Austria where I had the opportunity to present my research.

It allowed me to refine my presentation skills and encourage the wider use of my project: A novel microwave sensor for measuring fluid phase behaviour, with future work in cryogenic applications – particularly liquid hydrogen refrigerants. I was fortunate to spend time in Germany with our collaborators on microwave sensing lead by Prof. Markus Richter at the Technical University of Chemnitz.

It was good to meet them in person after 2 long years of COVID isolation. Taking advantage of the location and a few spare days in between, I hiked my first mountain and explored the cities of Dresden and Prague.”

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