International Women’s Day – Lucie Desage

March 10, 2023

Today we recognise Lucie Desage, a FEnEx CRC PhD student at Curtin University. In her research, Lucie studies thermochemical energy storage materials and build thermochemical battery prototypes.

We asked Lucie a couple of questions about what International Women’s Day (IWD) means to her.

What does IWD mean to you personally?

For me, IWD is an important event to inspire, empower, and prepare women to take action in the fight for equality.

Do you have any clear role models that have helped shape/guide you in your career?

I’ve always been truly inspired by women accomplishing great achievements in the outdoor activities I’m found of (climbing, surfing etc.). For me, they embodied freedom, self-confidence, and thriving, which are elements I’d like to find in my career.

UN Women Australia IWD 2023 theme is “Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future”. What are the main barriers that you see facing equality in the innovation space and do you have any advice on how can we better champion an uptake of women in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering?

The innovation space is currently shaped by gender inequality where most projects are driven by men for men, which makes it difficult for other genders to find their place in the research field. Women in STEM bring a new look to scientific questions and help reinventing the way we use science and innovation.

Do you have any other advice on increasing diversity within the Australian and international research/industry community?

To increase diversity in the research/industry community, more socio-environmental considerations should be involved in research projects, caring about the people we live with and the planet we live on.


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