In the spotlight – the Kwinana Energy Transformation Hub (KETH)

Given recent global concerns around energy security, including a growing awareness of the need to invest in decarbonisation transition strategies, interest in the KETH is extremely high.

Located in the Western Australia’s Kwinana industrial-heartland, the KETH is set to be a globally- leading research and training facility where people and organisations will be enabled, empowered and equipped to demonstrate, test and de-risk decarbonisation technology solutions for the energy industry.

Renoud said he has been very busy explaining to a range of stakeholders how the KETH will consist of a mini-LNG and hydrogen facility powered by “green electricity” (sourced initially via certified “green” power from the grid) and aims to be a tangible example of an “LNG plant of the future”.

“As part of the KETH’s vision to be a plant of the future it will use a 2MW hydrogen electrolyser to produce up to 800kg/day of hydrogen that can be either sold or used for R&D. Stored hydrogen can also be directed to  the facility’s 750kW fuel cell to demonstrate how hydrogen can act as a battery and provide the continuous power to the LNG plant to produce up to 10 tonnes per day,” he said.

“As well as its broad range of testing facilities, the KETH will also include teaching facilities and a unique training environment to skill up new workforces in the skills required for the emerging hydrogen industry”.

Reinoud said it is an exciting time to be associated with the project, particularly with emission reductions pathways towards Net-Zero are becoming clearer for Australia and across the world.

“All around the world nations are increasingly setting themselves aggressive targets, but the technologies to achieve these targets are immature and costly and the fact is there are no silver bullet solutions,” Reinoud said.

“Yes there are multiple technologies in development, but these need testing and demonstration at industry-relevant scale before large investment decisions can be made.

“The KETH provides a test-bed for decarbonisation technology from research and development and innovative companies to be tested prior to commercial deployment. This is the missing piece in the roadmap from invention to commercial application”.

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