FEnEx CRC Participant Hub

The Participant Hub is the Future Energy Exports CRC community page where:

  • projects can be created
  • project partners can collaborate and view their projects
  • ideas can be explored
  • events are advertised and participants can register to attend

    Documents to assist with creating a project:

  • FEnEx CRC Project Application (Word) version – this will help you and your collaborators develop a project prior to entering the information into the project portal
  • FEnEx CRC Commonwealth Milestones – these provide the scope of the CRC and should guide your application focus
  • FEnEx CRC Objectives – these provide the broad scope of the CRC and are found in the Constitution
  • IP Ownership Examples – help you consider the IP options whilst in discussion with your collaborators
  • Project Selection Process – gives a brief overview of how projects are reviewed and approved

    Ready to Submit a Project? 
    The nominated Project Leader is required to request login details. Once received the Participant Hub link is on the Home Page of FEnEx CRC.