Project Proposal Preparation

Project proposal submissions are open until Friday 16th April 2021, 5pm [AWST].

To submit a project proposal:

  • use the Application Form and Budget Template below
  • both full proposals and project ideas should be submitted to
  • full proposals that are compliant will be entered into the Project Management System by the CRC Team, at which time the project will be allocated a project number
    Documents to assist with creating a project:

  • FEnEx CRC Project Application & Budget Template – this will help you and your collaborators develop a project prior to submitting the proposal
  • FEnEx CRC Commonwealth Milestones – these provide the scope of the CRC and should guide your application focus
  • FEnEx CRC Objectives – these provide the broad scope of the CRC and are found in the Constitution
  • IP Ownership Examples – help you consider the IP options whilst in discussion with your collaborators
  • Project Selection Process – gives a brief overview of how projects are reviewed and approved