FEnEx CRC Director participates in Austrade’s Masterclass-Renewable Energy: Hydrogen-the missing link for clean energy

September 4, 2020

Masterclass Recording

Australian Trade and Investment Commission has launched an industry masterclass series with leading Australian thought leaders. India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are implementing reforms in various sectors including health, cyber security, energy, infrastructure and finance. There is an urgent need to develop products and services to support economic growth and provide solutions at scale to address global challenges.

The masterclass series will provide a platform to showcase Australia’s cutting edge capabilities and to discuss research & trade collaborations to build capabilities in South Asian organisations.

Masterclass topic: Renewable Energy: Hydrogen – The missing link for clean energy

Key discussion points:

·        Potential of renewable energy and the challenges of storage

·        Fundamentals of hydrogen, how it is produced, stored and traded

·        Roadmap to its widespread use offering a viable pathway to decarbonise energy to use beyond electricity

·        Overview of national and state policies and strategies

·        Significance of the National Hydrogen Strategy for Australia

·        Highlighting projects for various domestic and export uses around Australia

·        Insights for investors and industry partners

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