PhD Scholars

Current Students


Chamini Karunarathne

PhD Title: Effects of water quality on mineral hydration in industrial processes for greenhouse gas emission reduction
Paul Wright (3)

Paul Wright

PhD Title: Techno-economic-environmental life cycle assessments for green hydrogen road transport
Jutiporn On-nkam

Jutiporn On-nkam

PhD Title: Ontological Enrichment of Data Standards for Digital Twin Management
Heshani Hettigoda

Heshani Hettigoda

PhD Title: Green Hydrogen for Heavy Transport Applications in WA

Paria Sadeghi

PhD Title: Application of Trapdoor Zeolites for Separation of Helium from Natural Gas
Sam Kobeissi

Sam Kobeissi

PhD Title: Hydrogen storage in depleted subsurface reservoirs – measuring the dispersion coefficient between hydrogen and cushion gas mixtures
Ainee Ibrahim

Ainee Ibrahim

PhD Title: NaBH4 for Solid-State Green Hydrogen Export

Ngo Minh Phuoc

PhD Title: Eliminating hydrogen back-diffusion in electrochemical hydrogen compressors

Deepak Uniyal

PhD Title: An Automated System of Social Media Mining for Cross-Linguistic Natural Language

Bruno da Silva Falcao

PhD Title: Liquid Hydrogen Reactor Design – Conversion of ortho- to para-Hydrogen

Thilini Thathsara

PhD Title: Highly sensitive and selective hydrogen gas sensors employing photoactivated hybrid nanomaterials

Johann Visser

PhD Title: Digital Transformation for the New-Energy Sector: Workforce readiness to acquire new skills.

Setareh Elyasi

PhD Title: Improving the Hydrogen Storage Devices for E-Mobility
Navin Bhardwaj

Navin Bhardwaj

PhD Title: Analysis of Physicochemical Processes for Low Levelised Cost of Renewable H2

Mark Barwood

PhD Title: Solid formation kinetics in energy production and cryogenic liquefaction processes

Razeen Hashmi

PhD Title: Design and Development of the Digital Twin for Improving Safety and Efficiency of the Renewable Energy Plant of the Future
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Bithiah Esabunor-Nukie

PhD Title: Solutions to green Hydrogen gas transport – quantifying and qualifying existing material restrictions and issues, metallurgical requirements, transport studies and pipeline conversion
Shane photo

Shinghon (Shane) Wong

PhD Title: Utilisation of cold energy and recovery of higher hydrocarbons during LNG regasification: process synthesis, analysis and optimisation

Praveen Selvakumar

PhD Title: Novel Approaches for Hydrogen Production through Methane Pyrolysis on Carbon Catalysts

Lucie Desage

PhD Title: Thermochemical Battery using Metal Carbonates for Energy Storage

Nghia Nguyen

PhD Title: Fully DC Micogrid for green hydrogen production
photo_Jia Ming

Jia Ming Goh

PhD Title: Hydrogen Storage: Gas Encapsulation within porous vessel

Yuhong Fu

PhD Title: Digital Technologies and Interoperability

Umar Memon

PhD Title: Open Analytics Interoperability

Princy Agrahari

PhD Title: Caprock integrity and sealing capacity during underground hydrogen storage
Sam Holden

Sam Holden

PhD Title: An analysis of NH3 Dissociation and Oxidation with associated NOx Emission in Flow, Fixed-Bed, and Fluidised-Bed Reactors
Yuki Rhee

Yuki Rhee

PhD Title: Effects of hydrogen storage on the technoeconomic analysis of hydrogen supply chains
Minzhen Li Headshot FEnExCRC

Minzhen (Jenney) Li

PhD Title: Thermodynamics of hydrogen mixture in storage and transportation applications
Jialiang Xu Headshot FEnExCRC

Jialiang Xu

PhD Title: Single Particle Reaction Modelling of Hydrogen and Ammonia Direct Reduction Iron: Reaction Behaviour, Kinetics, and Mechanisms
Dulani Liyanage Headshot FEnExCRC

Dulani Liyanage

PhD Title: One-dimensional nanofiber based chemiresistive gas sensors for high performance hydrogen sensing applications

Kaijie Li

PhD Title: Understanding the Characteristics of Pilbara Iron Ore during H2 and NH3 Direct Reduction Ironmaking
FEnEx Photo

Aneeka Patel

PhD Title: Optimising the regeneration of sodium borohydride (NaBH4) for solid-state green hydrogen export
Mengqing Zhao - photo

Mengqing Zhao

PhD Title: Evaluation of Opportunities and Pathways for Large-Scale Utilisation of Renewable Hydrogen in Mineral Processing and Metal Refining of Selected Minerals in WA
Jiaou Song

Jiaou Song

PhD Title: Kinetic and State Modelling of Cryogenic Hydrogen Mixtures Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Completed Students


Catherine Sampson

PhD Title: High-resolution Optical Detection of Cryosolids

Roman Weh

PhD Title: Recovery of Dilute Helium from Natural Gas Sources

Vincent Jusko

PhD Title: Understanding and predicting boil-off from cryogenic liquids

Liam Tenardi

PhD Title: Measuring Thermophysical Properties of Industrially Important Fluids using Microwave Resonators
Libin Liu

Libin Liu

PhD Title: Development of Zeolite-based Adsorbents & Processes for Natural Gas Purification
David Zhu Headshot

David Zhu

PhD Title: Advanced Modelling for Solid Phase Equilibria in Complex Hydrocarbon Systems for Industrial Applications