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The FEnEx CRC network includes representatives from industry, government and universities from around the world collaborating on the research and innovation needed to decarbonise Australia’s LNG exports and grow the production and use of clean hydrogen.

We provide our Participants with a culture of innovation, engagement and collaboration that drives value creation and emission reductions.

To submit an expression of interest to become a FEnEx CRC Participant, please complete the online form below or download and return your completed form via email to Eric May, CEO (

Become a Participant Cover

Become a Participant



Participants directly benefit from:

Priority access to research findings, models and methodologies
Engage and collaborate in projects across the supply chain
Access to infrastructure to develop and pilot new technologies
Access to specialised, worldwide technical and research expertise, and a growing post-graduate and post-doctoral community
Participate on the Research Advisory Committee, supporting FEnEx CRC’s technical leadership
Opportunities to undertake collaborative research, conduct feasibility studies or enter consultancy agreements to meet specific industrial needs
Opportunity to leverage government funding
Participate in the annual technology conference and monthly colloquiums
Potential eligibility for R&D tax credits

Process of Admission


  • Must provide existing Core Participants of intended admission with minimum 21 days’ notice, including details of terms of admission and involvement and how this will contribute to FEnEx CRC’s objectives.
  • Admission requires 100% approval from current Core Participants.
  • Board considers any written feedback received by current Core Participants in relation to the admission.
  • Board passes a special resolution to admit the applicant.
  • Applicant to sign accession agreement agreeing to be bound to the Core Participant Agreement.

Supporting and Affiliate

  • Board reviews application.
  • Board passes a special resolution to admit the applicant.
  • Applicant to sign admission Supporting Participant Agreement or Associate Letter with FEnEx CRC.

Participant categories and fee structure

Investment level (Average)
Investment level (Average):
$150k p.a. and above plus in-kind contributions
Best suited to production companies, end-users and large organisations
Investment level (Average):
Between $50k p.a. and $150k p.a. plus in-kind contributions
Best suited to smaller companies focussed on technical development
Investment level (Average):
In-kind contributions only
Best suited to international research institutions

Key Considerations

Applicants must address the following key areas as part of their application:

  • Reasons for joining FEnEx CRC: identify the project(s) or topic(s) of interest, e.g. an existing project, a priority area from the research themes, or a new project (in which case, a summary should be provided).
  • Proposed contributions: outline cash and in-kind annual contributions you are able to provide, including the amount of these contributions.
  • Benefits to current partners and projects: list any skills, technologies, infrastructure or other benefits that you could bring to existing participants and current and prospective projects.
  • Conflicts of interest: notify us if you are concerned about any potential competition or conflict of interest with an existing FEnEx CRC participant. Current participants can be viewed here.

Participant expression of interest

  • Please complete the fields below referring to 'key considerations' listed above.